AJ Jardiah Jr

Web Designer/Developer

About Me

Based out of Philadelphia, AJ Jardiah Jr. has a reputation for coming up with long-term solutions to difficult problems. He puts communication at the center of what he does for the benefit of his clients.

AJ Jardiah Jr. is a web designer and web developer who is known for innovation and ingenuity. He has a knack for devising long-term solutions and coming up with plans for long-term growth and success. A natural communicator, he strives to understand his clients’ issues on a deep level and then to come up with novel approaches to solving those issues.

Based out of Philadelphia, AJ is a skilled thinker who experiences Front-End development and analysis is formidable. He has done extensive work in the areas of problem management and customer service, making him someone who is a joy to work with up front and whose background work is effective and efficient.

Although AJ was born in Liberia, he grew up in Philadelphia, attending middle school, high school, and college locally. I have always been a gifted athlete, playing soccer, basketball, and football from a young age.